Light Bulb Choices

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In recent years, lightbulbs have undergone some serious upgrades. Whereas you used to have pretty much one choice, the incandescent bulb, you now have so many that the array can become confusing. You need to understand which light bulbs will perform best for you while giving you optimum energy savings. 

Halogen Incandescent

The traditional incandescent bulb lost almost all of the energy it produced to heat, but halogen incandescents are much more energy efficient. They look like the bulbs you used as a child, but they have a "capsule" that exposes a filament to gas, making them a better energy saving choice than the original incandescent model. While they are an improvement, these bulbs are less energy efficient than other types of contemporary bulbs. You can expect them to last for approximately twelve months. 

Compact Fluorescents

Known as CFLs, these bulbs look a bit like an ice cream cone and offer you a high level of energy savings. In fact, they consume around 75% less than the incandescent bulbs and can last almost a decade. Although they used to be somewhat expensive, you can now buy them for a few dollars, meaning you will save a significant amount of money over the coming years by investing in them now.  These bulbs contain some mercury, so you will protect the environment by recycling them.

LED Bulbs

These bulbs use even less energy than CFLs and can last up to 50,000 hours, long enough to light up your baby's room until they graduate from high school and beyond. You get bright light immediately when you switch on your lamp. LEDs do tend to cost more, and they may not throw light evenly unless you use a reflector.  However, they release almost no heat and have the most potential to reduce US energy consumption in the coming decades according to the US government.

Plastic Lightbulbs

Research is still being done on plastic or FIPEL light bulbs. Some experts feel that these bulbs will provide all the energy benefits of LED models but with more advantages. They will not shatter or make those annoying noises that other bulbs do. Since they are plastic, they can be made into a variety of shapes, which offers design advantages for lamps and lighting fixtures. Plastic bulbs will most likely make recycling easier, as well. They are also projected to perform well for years. 

You have a variety of energy-efficient light bulb choices now that you did not have in the past. Although you will still have to pay a little more for CFLs and LEDs, the energy savings they offer and their lengthy lifespans make them more affordable than other bulbs. In addition, their prices keep going down as their efficiency remains high. Before you stock up on lightbulbs again, take some time to consider the benefits of each type. You may be surprised at the financial rewards you can reap by doing so.

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