3 Opportunities To Cut Your Energy Costs When Installing New Windows

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There are a lot of additional monthly costs to being a homeowner besides the mortgage, and your heating and cooling bills are a big part of that. While paying for the energy it takes to keep your family comfortable is a necessity, there are certainly some things you can do to try and lower your annual bill. One opportunity that may be available to you if you have an older home is window replacement. Older windows can get a bit drafty, letting air in from the outside that will make your heater or air conditioner have to work overtime. Some windows today are built specifically with energy costs in mind. Here are 3 ideas to think about before you contact a contractor for a professional window installation.

Add Storm Windows

While your primary concern is of course the main windows you will be replacing, this may also be a good opportunity to look into adding interior or exterior storm windows as well. Typically seen in areas that are prone to tornadoes or hurricanes, storm windows can help any home reduce heat loss.

Contact Your Utility Providers for Potential Rebates or Incentives

One opportunity that is often overlooked when it comes to energy costs is getting a better deal directly from the provider of that energy. Some utility companies actually offer an incentive or a rebate to homeowners who obtain a window replacement. Whether it saves you money on the actual windows or you get a small discount added to your monthly bill, your energy providers could possibly reward you for taking steps to decrease your energy footprint.

Multiple Panes

When it's time to search for your new windows, seek out options with more than one pane of glass. Double or even triple-paned glass is available today. These windows are usually branded as "high-performance" and will cost more than windows with just one pane of glass. But the extra panes will provide extra insulation, trapping air in between the panes before it can cause a problem. Windows that are especially adept at providing energy savings will likely be labeled as such.

If it's time to replace your windows, it could also be time to take a look at your annual energy usage and come up with a plan to help cut your costs. Seek out windows with more than one pane of glass in order to provide greater insulation for the home. Storm windows can also be added to the exterior or interior of your home in addition to the primary window, providing either further insulation and protection. Finally, contact your utility providers, as you may be eligible for a discount or rebate if you provide proof that you installed new, energy efficient windows. Contact a business, such as PNR Screens Ltd doors, for more information.