Common Questions Concerning Enhancing Load Capacity with Custom Welding

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One of the most valuable pieces of equipment in any agricultural setting is the wagon. This one utility will be used for hauling feed, carrying hay, and moving equipment from place to place. To make sure you get what you need from the wagon you have, it must be capable of supporting the weight of whatever it may be that you are hauling. Unfortunately, many wagons have issues with load capacity either due to poor construction or age. Custom welding is a good way to enhance the load bearing capacity of just about any type of wagon. Here are a few of the most common questions about enhancing load capacity through welding.

How is custom welding used to enhance the load capacity of a wagon?

Custom welding can be used to enhance the load capacity of a wagon by installing steel extension channels to the base frame. The more sturdy the support system is beneath the wagon, the more capable it will be of holding weight. Steel channels are often used to build braces between axles and extend the width of the wagon's frame.

With the added material, will the additional weight make the wagon hard to tow?

The amount of weight that is added to your wagon will not typically be so much that it will cause any concern. However, if major amounts of steel are added the custom welder can work to reinforce the tow hitch of the trailer so it can better support the weight of the wagon. You must also keep in mind that the ability to haul more weight on your wagon will make it necessary to address towing concerns anyway.

How long do custom welding jobs usually take to complete?

In any farm setting, it is crucial to have access to functional tools and equipment at all times and professional welders know this. They will work with you to make sure the project can be completed in a timely manner. In some cases, the welder will come to your location to make the necessary changes to your wagon to save you time.

When you go through the process of having your wagon reinforced to bear more weight, it will become an even more valuable piece of equipment on your farm or in your agricultural business. Talk to a custom welding professional about any further questions you have about enhancing the load capacity of your wagon.