4 Tips For Keeping Your Cattle Corral Clean

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If you are in the livestock raising business, you probably know how big of a mess cattle can make. Keeping their corrals nice and clean can be extremely challenging, and you might feel as if you spend all of your time shoveling and spraying out corrals to try to keep them sanitary. Although it's not really possible to keep a cow corral spotless 100 percent of the time, following these tips can help. Not only will you be able to save yourself a lot of time and trouble, but your property will look a lot better, and your cows are bound to be happier and healthier as well.

1. Build it Up

If your cow corral is flat, then the chance of mud is definitely increased. Try bringing in a truckload full of dirt and spreading it out throughout your cow corral to create a mound. Then, excess water and waste will naturally flow down the sides of the mound, providing you with much better drainage. Plus, the added dirt will help soak up some of the moisture to keep your corral clean.

2. Use Concrete

Although you probably don't want to use concrete throughout your entire cattle corral, pouring concrete in the areas where your cows are fed and given water can help cut down on messes. Then, when water spills, it won't immediately create mud that your cows can make a big mess with, and it'll also be easier to sweep up any feed waste.

3. Install a Scraper System

If you are able to make a small investment, it's a good idea to invest in a scraper system for your cow corral. A scraper system will automatically "scrape" your corral at certain intervals throughout the day, so it will help get rid of cow manure, mud and other big messes. This can cut down on your workload and will help you keep a clean cow corral, even when you're unable to clean your corral that day.

4. Feed Outdoors When Possible

Although this obviously isn't an option if your cows are kept in a corral all day, if they are kept in the pasture for part of the day, consider doing most of your feeding in the pasture. Then, you can cut down on the mess of spilled feed in your corral, and since cows typically relieve themselves shortly after eating, you can also cut down on manure.

Keeping your cow corral clean might seem like a losing battle, but following these four tips can make it a whole lot easier. For more ideas, contact a professional like Mid Valley Mfg Inc.