5 Areas Of Your Home To Consider Insulating

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If your home isn't already insulated, you could be spending an extra thousand or more on energy costs each year. This is because when you run the AC or the heater in your home, the air can easily make its way out and the hot or cold air from outside can easily make its way in.

Because of this, you have to have your AC or heater on a higher setting than you otherwise would if your home was insulated. Here's five areas of your home to consider having insulated:

  1. The Attic: When you insulate the attic, you will want to use loose-fill insulation since it is the most affordable and still gets the job done. It is important that before you have this insulated, you seal any cracks in the attic with caulking. This is going to keep all the air trapped in and keep the outside air from getting in. If this isn't done, then the insulation will do nothing for your home.
  2. The Ceilings: By installing insulation in the ceiling, you can maintain an even temperature throughout the home. Since your roof likely isn't flat, the unevenness can cause air to feel different depending on which room you are in. Typically, you will want to use insulation that is fire proof and has an R rating of 30 to ensure that the insulation is going to be the most effective possible. 
  3. The Walls: Insulating the walls is best to do when remodeling your home since you will be adding and removing walls at this point anyway. The best and easiest way to insulate walls is to use blown-in insulation. 
  4. The Foundation: Insulating the foundation of your home will not only reduce energy costs, but it can even reduce the risk of having your home become infested with insects. Plus, it can reduce the amount of moisture that forms around your home, which can help to prevent water damage. 
  5. The Slabs: Insulating the slabs of your home helps to reduce energy costs, as well as the risk of termite exposure. This is because the slabs are made from wood, which termites feed on and the insulation makes it much more difficult for the termites to get to that wood.

There are a number of reasons to consider insulating your home in these areas. There are more benefits than just cost savings. You can keep your home more comfortable to live in and reudce risk of huge problems, such as termite infestation and water damage. To learn more, contact a company like Dewar Western Inc. with any questions you have.