5 Things That Shouldn't Be Kept In Mini Storage Units

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Most people usually know exactly what they want to store in their self storage units, but little do they know that there are certain things that should never be kept in there. When the need to rent a storage unit arrives, it becomes imperative for you to prepare a list of the things that you intend to keep in it. You will be required to show this list to the manager at the storage facility, and you will be informed on whether or not you can store the items on the list. The following are some of the things that you will not be allowed to keep in mini storage units: 

1. Toxic, Combustible or Explosive Items

Should you happen to include something that is toxic, combustible or explosive in nature on your list, then there is no way that the storage facility manager will allow you to rent storage space. Items such as alcohol, gasoline, fireworks, cleaning solvents, motor oil, corrosives, propane tanks and paint are some of the things that you will not be allowed to keep.

2. Weapons

If you own an antique firearm or a weapon that you utilize for hunting, there are high chances that you won't be allowed to keep it in a rented storage unit. This is because firearms can pose potential danger, and that is a risk that the storage facility manager wouldn't take.

3. Broken Down or Unregistered Vehicles

If you intend to keep your vehicle in a mini storage unit, then it has to be registered, operable, insured, and must have a current license. You should also be aware that there is also a limit as to the number of tires (normally four) that can be stored in a self storage unit.

4. Certain Construction Materials

If you are having a construction project going on, don't assume for a minute that renting a mini storage unit will solve your storage problem for all your construction materials. Equipment used for water tracking or underground drilling, for example, shouldn't be stored in a self storage unit as it is against the law.

5. Radioactive Materials or Equipment

Even though the majority of medical supplies can be safely stored in mini storage units, there are those that can't be kept in the same, i.e. those that contain radioactive materials.

Having an understanding of the things that you should or shouldn't keep in mini storage units will enable you to know beforehand whether you should seek alternative storage for the things that you intend to keep. Another option is to check out various storage facilities, such as Bulldog Self Storage. One storage facility may have different rules than another.